The world’s first READ2EARN application that aims to help people rediscover all the magical worlds hidden in the pages of classic and modern literature.

The Joy Of Reading,

People don’t read anymore.  This is a sad but apparent fact.  The digital age has made life so much convenient that we have forgotten about the pleasures of ideas artfully conveyed with words.  Nowadays, when people want to know the story of how the Boy Who Lived defeated the returning menace of He Who Must Not Be Named, they sign in to their HBO Max accounts to watch the movie series.  When people want to learn a certain recipe, they dig up old episodes of Hell’s Kitchen instead of rummaging through the library for some cookbooks.  When people want to know how the Companions of Krynn defied the onslaught of Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, they load up YouTube to watch a synopsis.


Convenience comes with a price, but it doesn’t have to.


BOOKSHIB is a revolutionary app that wants to bring back the joy of perusing lovingly crafted words to experience beautiful stories that can change our lives.  With BOOKSHIB, people will want to read again because they will be rewarded for doing so.


BOOKSHIB is for your mind what move2earn systems are for your body.  The more you read, the more you will earn!

Proprietary Read Page Recognition Engine

The first of its kind software that accurately monitors and counts each and every page as soon as they are read by the user.

A Collection Of 10,000 Books At Launch

Users will have access to 10,000 books in the app's library ranging from a variety of genres.  More literature will be added every week.

Seamless Blockchain Integration

Complete self-sustaining ecosytem that guarantees liquidity entry to continuously fund rewards pool.

Available On Mobile, PC and MacOS

One account usable in all makor platforms.  Start a book on your phone, finish it on your laptop.

Technology By Amazon.

Innovation By Bookshib.

BOOKSHIB boasts of a proprietary “page read” recognition system that can distinguish the number of legitimate pages a user will be able to finish within a certain period.  Though our technology is brand new, its algorithm was inspired by Amazon’s intra-structural method of counting real page views on its Kindle devices with great accuracy.  BOOKSHIB’s, however, will be more precise as it will be dynamic, changing its pages identification procedure to accommodate different types of books, author styles and page layouts.


Books shall be made available within the app.  At launch, we will have a library of 10,000 books to choose from, and more will be added as the weeks go by.  Only the books offered in our app’s library are eligible for compensation.


Users will be paid every time they reach a certain threshold of pages read.


The BOOKSHIB app will be available for both mobile devices (Android and iOS) and laptops/desktops (Windows and MacOS).  An internet connection is required during every read session for pages to be verified as legitimate so that they may be counted.






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